What are we about?

Justhelp is a non-profit organisation that succeeds when you make others smile. We are here to remind you and help you be the altruistic version of yourself, that you deep down know want to believe in. We believe in the power of kindness more than any other kind of power. Altruism, kindness, or how you want to call it, is humanity's biggest superpower and we here at Justhelp, we want to help our neighbor, no matter who he or she is, everyone deserves to receive kindness and yes we believe that even the worst of people deserve a kind hug.

The Team

  • Nedim Omerovic

    Team Lead

  • Gayathri Ramakrishnan


  • Adetujni Shennaike


  • Steven Barret

    User Interface

  • Patrick Rodrigues

    User Interface